Hello, my name is

Alissa N. Small

I am a digital designer and fashion entrepreneur.

Hello! My name is Alissa N. Small. I am a New York City-based digital designer and fashion entrepreneur. I have over 10 years experience in the digital space which includes e-commerce, emailers, web banners, website design (UI) and social media.

My primary interests are in fashion and jewelry & accessories.

I LOVE creating, art, patterns, color, traveling, books and photography.

UI Design


Social Media



Owner, Creative Director & Digital Designer - Fashion & Jewelry

• Design and hand fabricate original jewelry and accessory pieces (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses) using inspiration gained from research of current fashion trends
• Photograph and edit photos of jewelry for website, newsletters and press
• Manage financial affairs with financial planning and product pricing
• Monitor inventory and manage cashflow
• Create engaging text, image and video content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts
• Facilitate online conversations with influencers and respond to queries to extend customer public relations initiatives
• Build effective sales emails using Photoshop, HTML and MailChimp

Time Warner Cable

Web Producer: 2014-2016

• Promoted to leadership position with increased responsibility and authority to create and implement responsive web design, responsible for managing projects from inception to completion including front end development, architecture, interface design, site structure, navigation, page optimization, marketing and graphics that appeal to user interactions and website goals
• Acted as a coordinator and mentor to team members, providing guidance with authoring requirements and user story document writing, wireframes, and Photoshop comps
• Provided full service in maintaining website and brand consistency for customers, working directly with key clients to ensure satisfaction with the finished product and gain loyalty which leads to renewed business.
• Worked closely with the product management team and internal/external stakeholders to ensure all deliverables are on time while exceeding all original expectation
• Translated stakeholders' insights into actionable creative strategies and concepts
• Identified opportunities to streamline workflow, implement brand standardization and share best practices across creative, marketing and analytical functions
• Worked directly with clients to identify and establish creative/marketing objectives, strategies and tactics required to execute creative
• Successfully managed and coordinated graphic design projects from concept through completion
• Collaborated with clients to create the initial vision, conceive designs and consistently meet deadlines and requirements


Focus: Digital Media Marketing: 2013

Related Course Work: Web Analytics: Integrating Website and E-mail Data for Effective Digital Marketing Programs, Digital Strategy: Creating Synergy in Your Marketing Program


Lead Designer, Promo Strategy: 2011-2014

• Recognized for developing inspired visual designs which increased web traffic while ensuring proper use of the Time Warner Cable brand
• Responsible for maintaining multiple simultaneous projects, working independently and with copywriter/web producers to develop design concepts
• Managed a heavy workflow, receiving, processing and refreshing assets from outside agencies, vendors and programmers within tight deadlines while preserving and enhancing quality
• Chosen in a leadership capacity to represent the team in delivering creative concepts to senior team members • Found creative solutions to production problems to ensure high quality production within budget
• Translate stakeholders' insights into actionable creative strategies and concepts that drive revenue and profit growth
• Set and drive implementation of brand guidelines and style guides for internal and external marketing
• Collaborate with analytics team on interpretation of data to optimize and increase effectiveness of campaigns


Freelance Designer: 2011

• Designed and built over 18 email files in the course of a week for testing over various customer demographics
• Coordinated with CRM team and creative director to finalize email specifications and testing process


Professional Certificate, Digital and Graphic Design Production: 2011

Related Course Work: Mac OS and Color Modes, 2D Design Principles, Photoshop: Foundations, Flash: Foundations, Dreamweaver: Foundations, Information Architecture: Foundations


Freelance Production Artist: 2010

• Processed photographs to represent clothing swatches and website inventory, leveraging skills in retouching, color correction, file optimization for the web and much more to ensure high quality images
• Utilized design skills to create banners for use on department sections of website, matching branding while pushing creative limits to drive website use and revenue
• Applied skills in e-campaigns to build and prepare e-mail advertisements for internal demographic, using market research to optimize blasts
• Managed several key marketing projects from inception to completion, including as mockups for Facebook fan pages, invitations and formal websites for international events
• Successfully manage and coordinate graphic design projects from concept through completion
• Successfully translated subject matter into concrete design for newsletters, promotional materials and sales collateral
• Participated in a team effort to produce streamlined production of manuals and materials
• Provided proposal layouts and designs for million dollar contracts under very tight deadlines


Graphic/Web Designer: 2006-2010

• Designed and constructed weekly nationwide e-mail advertisements which were aimed both at current customers and applied market research to develop campaigns reaching new target audiences
• Collaborated closely with the Social Media Department to create images and implement marketing strategies on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube which lead to an increase in site traffic by 20%
• Developed and implemented designs ideas for promotional pages to support ongoing events and campaigns
• Maximize online promotions through the launch of viral marketing campaigns
• Developed Online Marketing plans that increased revenues by 40%

CUNY Baruch College

BA, Graphic Communication

Related Course Work: Basic Graphic Communication, Business Communication, Intermediate Graphic Communication, Corporate Design, Introduction to Management, Marketing Foundations, Print Production, Consumer Behavior, Management: A Behavioral Approach

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Brooklyn, NY 11238

Please drop me a line and I'll be in touch.